ExeonThreatReport - The quick and revealing security review

The ExeonThreatReport security review thoroughly assesses the security state of your internal network by analyzing network flow and DNS log data and/or web proxy log data. Get total network visibility. Fully understand your data flows. Quickly uncover risks, threats, and data breaches.

ExeonTrace's big data algorithms and machine learning extract hidden information from millions of network records. This allows for full visibility of your network as well as the quick detection and containment of threats and data breaches.

Focusing on what’s already inside your perimeter and where data leaves your network, the ExeonThreatReport is the ideal addition or alternative to a penetration test.

ExeonTrace is easy and light-weight to deploy, as it loads log data from Splunk, Elasticsearch or raw files.

Our engineers deploy ExeonTrace on-site in your data center, analyze your network traffic and provide you with our detailed ExeonThreatReport.

Report types

Get the Complete ExeonThreatReport or choose from:

Network Report
Network Report

Analysis of your internal & external network traffic.

Get full visibility, incl. communications patterns, data leaks, unusual services and access patterns, and misconfigured devices
Detect attacks: malware, lateral movement, horizontal and vertical scanning, covert channels
Uncover internal shadow-IT: Not registered devices and services
Web Report
Web Report

Analysis of the web activities of your internal devices.

Detect data leaks, such as browser plugins or software collecting data
Detect attacks: Malware and hidden HTTP(S) channels
Identify unauthenticated proxy access and unauthorized/outdated devices
Uncover external shadow-IT: Unauthorized cloud services and uploads

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