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Exeon Analytics AG

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We care about your industry-specific cyber security needs

The success of an organization is increasingly interlinked with data management – be it customer data, intellectual property or the uninterrupted operation of critical systems.  

These fundamentals are found increasingly at risk through advanced cyber attackers, malicious insiders and supply chain attacks, which circumvent common IT protection measures and breach highly sensitive data.  

ExeonTrace Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform provides you with sophisticated tools and intelligence to identify and eliminate such threats immediately. Before any damage is done. Fast, reliable, and (cost-)effective.  

Logistics and Transportation

Digital systems are essential in logistics and downtimes are not an option. Damage to infrastructure can have an immense impact on day-to-day business, take multiple sites out of action, and have a significant and lasting impact on business success and customer satisfaction.

Financial Sector

Finance companies are highly exposed to cyber attacks. As new technologies shape the financial industry, respective companies are exposed to multiple cyber security risks such as sensitive data leakage. Vulnerabilities in networks or systems can turn cyber issues into far-reaching business problems.

Get network transparency

Intuitive visualizations to understand and monitor complex networks.

Find threats immediately

Specialized machine learning algorithms immediately detect cyber threats.

Act effectively

AI-driven threat scoring, rapid investigation with all relevant information.

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