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ExeonTrace can seamlessly visualise and monitor your entire IT/OT network, immediately detect cyberthreats and help your security team respond faster and more efficient to local and cloud-native incidents.

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As CEO and owner of a fast moving logistics company, I cannot afford any system interruptions due to cyber incidents. With ExeonTrace, we have found a Swiss solution to monitor our network and quickly detect cyber threats.

Nils Planzer CEO & Owner Planzer
Nils Planzer

What Challenges can ExeonTrace solve for you?

Main benefits of ExeonTrace

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive Visibility

Visibility into your entire IT/OT network and all its interfaces to identify vulnerabilities (exposed services, shadow IT etc.) and malicious attack patterns in real-time.

Not affected by encryption

Not affected by encryption

Algorithms are unaffected by encrypted payloads since they are built to detect attack patterns based on metadata and not deep packet inspection.

Light-weight log data

Light-weight log data

Analysis of light-weight network log data instead of data-heavy traffic mirroring. Metadata can be exported from existing network sources (switches, firewalls etc.) without hardware sensors.

Developed in Switzerland

Developed in Switzerland

As an established Swiss NDR solution, based on a decade of research at ETH Zürich, we maintain a high level of innovation and privacy, which is incorporated in our ExeonTrace platform.



Traditional NDR solutions

Analysis of light-weight log data – no traffic mirroring, no additional hardware
Metadata analysis, unaffected by encryption
Holistic visualisation of IT network
Powerful Machine Learning algorithms