Next-Gen Network Detection & Response

ExeonTrace, our leading network security software solution, leverages Machine Learning to provide comprehensive network monitoring, instant detection of potential cyber threats, and efficient responses to safeguard your organization.

By addressing your IT security challenges, ExeonTrace not only assists your security teams in their daily tasks but also elevates your cybersecurity posture to the next level.

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Exeon Participates in the NATO Locked Shields Exercise

We are proud to have been part of an international contingent, providing cybersecurity experts Dr. sc. David Gugelmann, Dr. Markus Happe and Philipp Lachberger, and our Network Detection and Response technology to support the world’s largest live-fire cyber defense exercise.

What Our Customers Say

Nils Planzer

Nils Planzer

CEO & Owner, Planzer

As CEO and owner of a fast moving logistics company, I cannot afford any system interruptions due to cyber incidents. With ExeonTrace, we have found a Swiss solution to monitor our network and quickly detect cyber threats.

Christian Keller

Christian Keller

CISO, SWISS Airlines

As the Swiss national airline, we are driven by a passion for exceptional performance, in the spirit of our guiding principles. A stable and secure IT is the most important basis for an excellent customer service. For the security of SWISS IT we use Exeon as a central cybersecurity tool, fully managed by our long-term partner Reist Telecom AG. A perfect combination and solution to monitor our network and quickly detect any kind of anomalies.

Head IT Security

Head IT Security

PostFinance AG

PostFinance has chosen ExeonTrace because of its open and future-proof architecture. Not needing any hardware sensors and being able to control data flows, we didn’t have to make any significant changes to our existing infrastructure. We are also convinced by the cooperation with the competent and technically outstanding Exeon team.

Why Global Organizations Love ExeonTrace

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive Visibility

Visibility into your entire IT/OT network and all its interfaces to identify vulnerabilities (exposed services, shadow IT etc.) and malicious attack patterns in real-time.

Unaffected by Encryption

Unaffected by Encryption

Algorithms are unaffected by encrypted payloads since they are built to detect attack patterns based on metadata and not deep packet inspection.

Light-weight Log Data

Light-weight Log Data

Analysis of light-weight network log data instead of data-heavy traffic mirroring. Metadata can be exported from existing network sources (switches, firewalls etc.) without hardware sensors.

Developed in Switzerland

Developed in Switzerland

As an established Swiss NDR solution, based on a decade of research at ETH Zürich, we maintain a high level of innovation and privacy, which is incorporated in our ExeonTrace platform.

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Are You Ready for NIS2?

Your Compliance Checklist & Action Plan

For a full understanding of the regulation and its implications, this whitepaper covers all of the requirements for your IT security and the lifespan of your corporate network.

NIS2 checklist

The Most Innovative Solution to Detect Advanced Threats



Achieve complete network transparency

Monitor and understand complex networks through intuitive visualisations. Benefit from an extensive global map of traffic sources.

ExeonTrace detects cyber attacks and fits the NIS2 Directive on network monitoring


Immediately identify cyber threats

Leverage cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to detect sophisticated cyberthreats. Rapid network anomaly detection.



Respond quickly and effectively

Leverage AI-driven threat scoring and rapid investigation to analyse and respond immediately.

CISO Challenges: Corporate Network Protection

And how ExeonTrace solves them

Securing corporate networks has become increasingly demanding and more critical than ever. Based on regular exchanges with industry-leading security experts, we have compiled some of the main challenges for Chief Information Security Officers. Discover how the network analysis platform ExeonTrace adds to corporate cyber resilience through the most advanced Network Detection and Response solution.

Executive View on Network Detection & Response

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A deep dive into organizational security requirements and threat detection through machine learning (ML) algorithms.

ExeonTrace on Gartner Peer Insights

Rated to near perfection at 4.8/5, Exeon proudly offers fast and efficient support from an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, machine learning experts, white hat hackers and network security specialists.

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