ExeonTrace: The next-generation NDR solution

ExeonTrace takes enterprise cybersecurity to the next level. ExeonTrace's powerful AI algorithms provide complete visibility of network data flows and automatically detect suspicious behavior. Your security team can address and mitigate potential cyber threats efficiently and effectively.

The most advanced AI-driven cyber protection, period.

The ExeonTrace Network Detection & Response (NDR) relies on light-weight traffic metadata for its analysis and does not require expensive traffic mirroring for data collection nor requires decrypting packets to analyze traffic. ExeonTrace leverages your existing IT-, cloud-, and OT-infrastructure to collect the traffic metadata for the analysis.

The best AI to detect malicious attack patterns in real time

ExeonTrace’s algorithms build a unified view from the metadata, allowing you to continuously analyze and monitor IT-, Cloud- and OT-networks via a single application. This prevents attackers from moving undetected between these environments, exploiting vulnerabilities, infiltrating the infrastructure, or bypassing existing security measures.

As no hardware appliances are involved, deployment and maintenance are a breeze. You will also achieve greater scalability effortlessly.

It’s the most robust approach to detect even the most sophisticated cyber threats and eliminate them rapidly.

Why not use traffic mirroring?

Most of today’s network traffic is encrypted. Consequently, conventional NDR solutions relying on traffic mirroring get a lot of network traffic that cannot be inspected. Also, higher bandwidths make traffic mirroring either very expensive or even not practicable.

In contrast, metadata used by ExeonTrace can be easily collected by just exporting the logs from the existing infrastructure.

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More about our industry-leading ExeonTrace system

ExeonTrace enables various customisations allowing you to adapt this smart network monitoring platform exactly to your specific needs.

The Modules

The Modules provide specialised AI and capabilities to collect, process, analyse, and visualise data, as well as to detect and investigate threats from specific data sources.

The Platform

The Platform provides the underlying AI, infrastructure and core capabilities to collect, process, and correlate data across various sources, as well as for detecting and alerting, assessment, visualisation, investigation, handling, and reporting of threats and incidents.

ExeonTrace System

See it in action

Watch this malware attack demonstration to see precisely how ExeonTrace works.

Unique benefits of ExeonTrace

Comprehensive visibility

Comprehensive visibility

Visibility into your entire IT/OT network and all its interfaces to identify vulnerabilities (exposed services, shadow IT etc.) and malicious attack patterns in real-time.

Not affected by encryption

Not affected by encryption

Algorithms are unaffected by encrypted payloads since they are built to detect attack patterns based on metadata and not deep packet inspection.

Light-weight log data

Light-weight log data

Analysis of light-weight network log data instead of data-heavy traffic mirroring. Metadata can be exported from existing network sources (switches, firewalls etc.) without hardware sensors.

Developed in Switzerland

Developed in Switzerland

As an established Swiss NDR solution, based on a decade of research at ETH Zürich, we maintain a high level of innovation and privacy, which is incorporated in our ExeonTrace platform.

NDR just got smarter

ExeonTrace's flexible architecture lets it neatly fit into any enterprise set-up, letting you maintain full control over your sensitive security data.

NDR Just Got Smarter

Powerful AI-Driven Threat Detection

ExeonTrace is equipped with powerful machine learning algorithms designed to detect sophisticated cyber threats by analyzing your log data. ExeonTrace detects and disrupts Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), active data breaches, cyber intrusions, malicious insiders and ransomware. Our innovative and intuitive network visualization tools provide an in-depth understanding of your data flows, enable efficient monitoring, deep investigations, and unparallel threat hunting and mitigation. ExeonTrace’s flexible architecture lets it neatly fit into any enterprise set-up, letting you maintain full control over your sensitive security data.

No Additional Hardware Needed

ExeonTrace doesn’t need additional proprietary hardware sensors or software agents. It leverages your existing infrastructure, such as firewalls, routers or secure web gateways, for full protection – but can also integrate with your SIEM, EDR, IDS, and other sensors/agents in place. ExeonTrace connects to your available data sources, abstracts and correlates the relevant data, and processes it for efficient analysis and detection. Ready-made use cases and policies bring your network security instantly to a new level, while still allowing for customizations. Unlike other systems, ExeonTrace analyzes threats across various data sources. This unique approach gives you a full picture and makes it much more cost-effective and scalable.

The most innovative solution to detect advanced threats



Achieve complete network transparency

Monitor and understand complex networks through intuitive visualisations. Benefit from an extensive global map of traffic sources.

ExeonTrace detects cyber attacks and fits the NIS2 Directive on network monitoring


Immediately identify cyber threats

Leverage cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to detect sophisticated cyberthreats. Rapid network anomaly detection.



Respond quickly and effectively

Leverage AI-driven threat scoring and rapid investigation to analyse and respond immediately.

Patrick Käppeli

Patrick Käppeli

Network & Security Engineer, Solothuner Spitäler

Exeon is our cybersecurity alarm system, alerting us to any network anomalities. What also really convinced us is the intuitive interface of the platform – it has become a tool to reliably monitor and secure our data and network.

Christian Keller

Christian Keller

CISO, SWISS Airlines

As the Swiss national airline, we are driven by a passion for exceptional performance, in the spirit of our guiding principles. A stable and secure IT is the most important basis for an excellent customer service. For the security of SWISS IT we use Exeon as a central cybersecurity tool, fully managed by our long-term partner Reist Telecom AG. A perfect combination and solution to monitor our network and quickly detect any kind of anomalies.

Peter Hagen

Peter Hagen

CIO, Planzer

I’m highly impressed by the technical abilities of this Network Detection & Response solution. I can definitely sleep better knowing that we have ExeonTrace in our network.