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ExeonTrace – Future-Proof Network Detection and Response

The ExeonTrace Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform takes enterprise cyber security to the next level. Based on powerful and proven AI algorithms, ExeonTrace provides complete visibility of network data flows and allows for an automatic detection of suspicious behaviour to efficiently support your security team in responding to dormant and active threats – before any real damage is done.   

How Does It Work?

ExeonTrace’s smart approach and lean architecture leverage your existing infrastructure, without requiring additional sensors or agents, hereby giving you a fuller picture, making deployment and maintenance easy,
and ensuring great scalability.


Rapid Deployment:
No sensors or agents needed. Ready in hours.                  

Total Visibility:
Unified view of distributed networks, endpoints & applications.

Vigorous Detection:
Powerful AI and proven algorithms.                              

Effective Response:
Quick assessment, investigation & hunting.                   

Clever Data Handling:
Minimal storage needs with full data control.               

Future-Proof: Ready for increasing traffic and encryption.              

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Release: Xlog module
Cross-data threat detection & hunting with ExeonTrace Xlog

Get to know Xlog, the new data-fusion framework. Xlog extends the ExeonTrace Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform beyond the network - to a unified IT infrastructure visibility and protection solution. With ready-made cross-data detection and threat hunting use cases.


The Smarter NDR

Circular diagram of the benefits of ExeonTrace: Visibility, Detection, and Response

Powerful AI:

Award-winning machine learning algorithms process and analyse your log data to immediately detect anomalies, such as cyber intruders, ransomware attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT) and data breaches. AI-driven threat assessment and analysis reduce false positives and help your team to focus on the critical cases.   

Unique and intuitive network visualisations give you a deep understanding of your data flows for efficient investigation, threat hunting and mitigation. 

Smart Approach:

ExeonTrace doesn’t need additional proprietary hardware sensors or software agents. It leverages your existing infrastructure, such as firewalls, routers or secure web gateways, for full protection,- but can also integrate with your SIEM, EDR, IDS, and other sensors/agents that you might already have in place.

ExeonTrace connects to your available data sources, abstracts and correlates the relevant data, and processes it for efficient analysis and detection. Ready-made use cases and policies bring your network security instantly to a new level, while still allowing for customizations. 

Unlike other systems, ExeonTrace can analyze threats across various data sources. This unique approach gives you a fuller picture, and makes it much more cost effective and scalable. ExeonTrace’s flexible architecture lets it neatly fit into any enterprise set-up, letting you maintain full control over your sensitive security data.

Get network transparency

Intuitive visualizations to understand and monitor complex networks.

Find threats immediately

Specialized machine learning algorithms immediately detect cyber threats.

Act effectively

AI-driven threat scoring, rapid investigation with all relevant information.

The ExeonTrace System

ExeonTrace’s modular set-up lets you tailor it exactly to your needs, from architecture to application fields, making it the smart choice to greatly strengthen your cyber security.

The Modules provide specialized AI and capabilities to collect, process, analyze, and visualize data, as well as to detect and investigate threats from specific data sources.

The Platform provides the underlying AI, infrastructure and core capabilities to collect, process, and correlate data across various sources, as well as for detecting and alerting, assessment, visualization, investigation, handling, and reporting of threats and incidents.

Trusted by

Head IT Security, PostFinance AG

«PostFinance has chosen ExeonTrace because of its open and future-proof architecture. Not needing any hardware sensors  and being able to control data flows, we didn’t have to make any significant changes to our existing infrastructure. We are also convinced by the cooperation with the competent and technically outstanding Exeon team.»

Peter Hagen, CIO Planzer Transport
Planzer Peter Hagen

«I’m highly impressed by the technical abilities of this Network Detection & Response solution. I can definitely sleep better knowing that we have ExeonTrace in our network.»

Nils Planzer, CEO & Owner Planzer
Black and white portrait of Nils Planzer

«As CEO and owner of a fast moving logistics company, I cannot afford any system interruptions due to cyber incidents. With ExeonTrace, we have found a Swiss solution to monitor our network and quickly detect cyber threats.»

Dietmar Kolasch, Head Infrastructure & Applications 3 Banken IT
Dieter Kolasch from 3Banken IT

«We especially appreciate the comprehensive network visibility that ExeonTrace offers us. The anomaly detection is also extremely accurate and allows our analysts to focus on the essential threats.»

Uwe Störrlein, Co-CEO Alabus
Co-CEO of Alabus

«As Co-CEO of alabus, a hidden champion in the field of business process optimization, protecting the data of our Swiss and international customers is of utmost importance to me. I rely on ExeonTrace to do this and am excited about how this solution helps us understand and secure our network.»

Jürgen Weiss, CEO ARES
Juergen Weiss, CEO Ares

«Our mission is to make corporates more secure, provide quality cybersecurity solutions, and create awareness for cyber prevention rather than investing in damage control. For this, Exeon is a perfect partner!»

Mike Schuler, CEO Ensec
Mike Schuler, CEO Ensec

«For us as a managed security service provider, a reliable, fast and highly automated NDR solution like ExeonTrace is the key to long-term and satisfied customer relationships. We are therefore delighted to partner with the Exeon team!»

Why do companies need a network detection and response solution?