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Top Cyber Security Startup 2020

Exeon was named Switzerland's TOP security startup by jury of 100 leading investors and startup experts.


Exeon takes the next step towards a comprehensive cybersecurity offering

Exeon extends the ExeonTrace detection & response solution. ExeonTrace can now evaluate network, system and application log data for AI-supported detection of cyber threats. ExeonTrace automatically links this data and provides the analyst with an overall view.


Exeon @ itsa365

We are looking forward to the start of the itsa launch days, incl. talk of our CEO & Founder, Dr. David Gugelmann (Wednesday, 7.10 at 11.45am). Participation is free of charge! Register over the link below.


Exeon display at Credit Suisse Europaallee

Enjoy free coworking & coffee and learn more about Exeon Analytics at the Credit Suisse Europaalle coworking space.  

Today and next Thursday, our Exeon experts will also be at the location to discuss about cyber security: Thursday, 1st & 8th, 5-7 pm. We are looking forward meeting you there!  

Read more about our display here.


Next webinar “Cross-data threat detection & hunting with ExeonTrace Xlog”

Get to know our newest addition to ExeonTrace: Xlog extends our ExeonTrace Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform beyond the network - to a unified IT infrastructure visibility and protection solution.

Register and learn more during our Webinar on Tuesday, 20th of October.


Podcast - Exeon Analytics fighting against cyber attacks

David Gugelmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Exeon Analytics talking to Radio1. In this podcast (German) he reflects on his business idea, the world of start ups, Exeon's corporate culture and his personal ups and downs.


Exeon amongst the Top 5 Swiss Startups

What a night! We are thrilled to be named among the Top 5 Swiss startups by the industry event of the year: Top 100 Swiss Startup Award. A big thank you to our customers, team and investors for their ongoing trust and support!


SIX and Exeon partner for new Cyber Security Service

We are pleased to announce that SIX is integrating Exeon's detection & response software into its cyber security offering. Together, SIX and Exeon are providing a truly Swiss solution for network analytics.


Webinar in German: 3 Use Cases for Automated Cyber Threat Detection

Nearly every day another prominent cyber attack with millions of customer records stolen or critical data encrypted hits the news. Many of these data breaches would have been avoidable, if the attack was detected early on. Join us for our webinar and find out how automated threat detection tools like our ExeonTrace solution can support you in stopping attacks before it is too late.


Supply chain attacks. The open back door into your IT network

Cyber attackers typically exploit a company’s weakest link to break in and steal data or launch a ransomware attack. Thus, the better you protect your company’s IT infrastructure from external intruders, the safer it is, right? Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true, as you can also be at risk through your trusted suppliers.


The timeline of a ransomware attack

The foreign exchange service provider, Travelex, had a very unpleasant start into the New Year. They became one of the latest corporate ransomware victims. A cyber attack usually consists of multiple stages, each of which can take days to months. Let’s use Travelex to explain the timeline of a ransomware attack*


It’s a jungle out there!

Imagine that in the jungle of cyber security, your company's data is the El Dorado for your foes. How would you protect your city of gold?


How hackers communicate - DGA

Have you ever flown a drone? It’s not easy to master, but once you are in control, the experience is unique. You reach places which you otherwise wouldn’t and completely change your perspective. However, a good connection between your remote control and the drone is key. Otherwise, you risk crashing the drone and, in the worst case, losing it. 


You can’t protect what you can’t see

What is your biggest concern when it comes to the state of your organization’s cybersecurity? In a recently published State of Threat Detection Report, 300 Cyber Security professionals have named automation and visibility as the most significant issues for cybersecurity teams.


The return of ransomware

Ransomware as a cyber threat is on the rise. Over the summer companies like Meier Tobler, Omya and various German hospitals were affected. Hackers infiltrate businesses through malicious emails, steal and encrypt critical data. Companies are forced to pay a ransom or face the complete loss of their data. The aftermath of an attack can cost companies millions of dollars! While regular data back-ups help to prevent a complete loss, costs related to business interruptions and the risk of having trade secrets revealed should not be underestimated. I strongly recommend to make life hard for every attacker in your system, through a restrictively configured firewall. If you want to know how Exeon helps you to detect holes in your firewall, read the full blogpost or book directly a personal video call.


Was der Schweiz fehlt, um zum Cybersecurity-Mekka zu werden

"Unternehmen müssen aufhören, Cyber Security stiefmütterlich zu behandeln und nur als Kostenfaktor zu sehen. In Wahrheit ist es für Reputation und Firmenwert extrem wichtig, kritische Daten zu schützen." Markus Happe, CTO Exeon Analytics.


Scientifica Event

Battle of the machines in cyber warfare - Don't miss our CTO's talk at this year's #Scientifica. Markus Happe will showcase how the "good guys" can stay ahead of cyber attacks using ML/AI, on Saturday, 31st of August (in German), ETH Zürich / Universität Zürich | University of Zurich


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