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ExeonTrace - Make your SIEM smarter!

ExeonTrace can be used with or instead of a SIEM. Either way, with the ExeonTrace platform, you'll get world-class security analytics and award-winning AI algorithms combined with ready-made threat analyzers developed in Switzerland by a highly talented team of data scientists, machine learning experts, white hat hackers, and network security specialists.

Making your SIEM smarter

Ready-to-go security algorithms

ExeonTrace turns your SIEM, like Splunk, Elasticsearch, or ArcSight, into a powerful alarm system for your network. Replace manual analysis and rule creation with ready-to-go detection algorithms.

ExeonTrace Platform

By leveraging your existing data, you decide what to feed from your SIEM and what to feed directly from your IT network sources (i.e. Firewalls, Secure Web Gateway). Specialized algorithms immediately offer proven use cases and years of security analytics experience in order to detect cyber intruders and malicious insiders quickly.

No cumbersome manual analysis and rule sets, no expensive customization, no additional hardware sensors: Simply Deploy ExeonTrace and turn your SIEM into an effective, AI-driven network security system. The detected threats and alerts can also be fed back into your SIEM with a REST API to support your current workflows.

Unique visualizations further enable a holistic understanding of your network's data flows.

It only takes hours to deploy ExeonTrace, as it directly leverages your existing IT infrastructure as sensors.

NDR, the smarter way

Lean, efficient & powerful

By collecting lots of data without further insights, SIEMs can be bulky and expensive. In Addition, they often require lots of in-house cyber security knowledge and resources to manually analyze the data and create threat detection rules. NDR is the smarter way!

ExeonTrace diagram

ExeonTrace's AI-driven security algorithms leverage your existing infrastructures, such as firewalls, routers or secure web gateways as sensors. Similar to a light-weight SIEM, it can further include existing log data from sources like your EDR, IDS, cloud applications or other sensors/agents that you might have. ExeonTrace directly connects to your available data sources, abstracts and correlates only the relevant data, and processes it for efficient analysis and detection. The data is converted into a compact connection graph format for minimal data volumes (up to 50x less than raw log data). This allows for efficient storage and excellent scalability.

The specialized algorithms immediately bring proven use cases and years of security analytics experience to detect cyber intruders or malicious insiders quickly. Unique visualizations further enable a deep understanding of your network's data flows. ExeonTrace can be deployed in hours as it leverages your existing IT infrastructure and sensors.

Use Exeon's NDR as a light-weight SIEM: Lean, efficient & powerful.

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