The Exeon Team

Our team is our core. While our roots are at ETH Zurich and our product team consists of data scientists, machine learning experts, white hat hackers and network security specialists, we have great expanded and strengthened our team with experts of all trades. Our common vision is to use cutting-edge technology to make the cyber world more secure.

Executive Team

Gregor Erismann's photo
Gregor Erismann


Carola Hug's photo
Carola Hug


Dr. sc. David Gugelmann's photo
Dr. sc. David Gugelmann

CEO & Founder

Dr. sc. Markus Happe's photo
Dr. sc. Markus Happe



Denis Matosevic's photo
Denis Matosevic

Sales Team Lead

Rasma Rozentale's photo
Rasma Rozentale

Business Development Manager

Alexander Krubasik's photo
Alexander Krubasik

Senior Account Executive

Dóra Beddow's photo
Dóra Beddow

Corporate Development Project Manager

Sandro Ferrari's photo
Sandro Ferrari

Senior Financial Advisor

Pavlos Lamprakis's photo
Pavlos Lamprakis

Security Researcher / Software Engineer

Michael Tullius's photo
Michael Tullius

Sales Director Germany

Dr. sc. med. Simon Andermatt's photo
Dr. sc. med. Simon Andermatt

Senior Data Scientist / Software Engineer

Francisca Nabholz's photo
Francisca Nabholz


Loris Friedli's photo
Loris Friedli

Marketing Team Lead

Raphael Bosshard's photo
Raphael Bosshard

Senior Software Engineer

Sinda Mbeleg's photo
Sinda Mbeleg

Marketing Manager

Dr. sc. Sergio Solorzano's photo
Dr. sc. Sergio Solorzano

Senior Scientist / Software Engineer

Piotr Szreder's photo
Piotr Szreder

Senior Software Engineer

Noel Kuntze's photo
Noel Kuntze

Professional Services Engineer

Stefan Nyffenegger's photo
Stefan Nyffenegger

Professional Services Engineer

Gian Widmer's photo
Gian Widmer

Junior Cybersecurity Engineer

Janosch Lauter's photo
Janosch Lauter

Sales Germany

Reto Keller's photo
Reto Keller

Senior Account Executive

Noè Canevascini's photo
Noè Canevascini

Corporate Development Working Student

Abhinandan Vasudevan's photo
Abhinandan Vasudevan

Business Development Representative Germany

Fernando Godinho's photo
Fernando Godinho

Senior Front-End Developer

Harald Beutlhauser's photo
Harald Beutlhauser

Presales Engineer

Werner Vontobel's photo
Werner Vontobel


Chris Tanner's photo
Chris Tanner


Udo Jäger's photo
Udo Jäger

Business Development Consultant

Prof. em. Dr. Bernhard Plattner's photo
Prof. em. Dr. Bernhard Plattner

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Dr. Laurent Vanbever's photo
Prof. Dr. Laurent Vanbever

Scientific Advisor

Roland Schoenholzer's photo
Roland Schoenholzer


Board of Directors

David Gugelmann's photo
David Gugelmann

Chairman of the Board

Markus Eugster's photo
Markus Eugster

Member of the Board

Beat Schillig's photo
Beat Schillig

Member of the Board

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