Exeon Analytics Simplifies Integration of Data Sources in NDR

Zurich, March 7th, 2023

Swiss cybersecurity company Exeon Analytics has significantly simplified the integration of external data sources into its Network Detection & Response solution ExeonTrace. For the straightforward integration of these data sources, Exeon has integrated numerous parsers into the solution. These parsers normalize information from a wide variety of data sources, enabling security analysts to analyse data from different sources in a consistent format and, for instance, correlate data flows to a switch with those to a firewall. Normalization provides an even higher level of visibility across all network activity and enables holistic analysis of all data flows. In addition, ExeonTrace eliminates redundant information during normalization, minimizing the storage required for the solution.

Laptop-screen-Exeontrace-client-server-pairs-flow Resized for blog.png

ExeonTrace platform preview: Client server pairs flow

By default, Exeon Analytics provides these parsers for various public clouds such as Azure and AWS, as well as for leading firewall manufacturers such as Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Fortinet or Sophos. In addition, as before, the connection of further data sources including data normalization can take place within the scope of customer-specific projects.

Vendor-agnostic view across all network activities

In addition to simplified data analysis and comprehensive visibility, ExeonTrace users also benefit from significantly faster implementation due to standardization.

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"The parsers make it possible to get a comprehensive view across all network activities, regardless of the manufacturers of the individual network components. This holistic perspective is essential to detect attackers in the network early and reliably," said Gregor Erismann, CCO of Exeon Analytics.

About Exeon in brief

Exeon Analytics was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich. The NDR solution analyses and visualises network log data for the early detection of cyber threats. ExeonTrace's algorithms are specifically designed to analyse metadata and are therefore not affected by increasing encrypted network traffic. As ExeonTrace does not require any additional hardware and enables the analysis of multiple data sources, including native cloud applications, the solution is particularly suitable for highly virtualized and distributed networks.

Press contact:

Gregor Erismann, CCO, Exeon Analytics


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