Exeon Simplifies Network Detection and Response Deployment

Zurich, April 21, 2022 - Swiss IT security company Exeon Analytics has enhanced its ExeonTrace NDR platform with cloud connectivity and new anomaly handling capabilities. The latest release significantly simplifies both the deployment and seamless operation of NDR in on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Like its predecessors, the current release is completely software-based and, unlike traditional solutions, does not require any additional hardware, which not only reduces investments but also operating costs. The evolved architecture of the current release of ExeonTrace allows analysts to tailor the solution to their environment at the touch of a button, and provides a flexible platform for deploying sophisticated and high-performance AI algorithms for intelligent detection of current threats, including zero-day exploits.

As a comprehensive NDR platform, ExeonTrace enables reliable and early detection of attackers that have already breached the perimeter through AI-based behavioral and traffic analysis. The platform enables comprehensive visualization of all data flows in the enterprise network and integrates seamlessly with existing SIEM or EDR solutions. After an initial learning phase and due to rules already integrated before implementation, ExeonTrace reliably detects anomalies and suspicious behavior within the entire infrastructure and is also able to analyze and evaluate threats in detail. This minimizes false positives, allowing security teams to focus on truly critical events.

Metadata enables analysis of encrypted traffic

ExeonTrace owes its high performance to the fact that the platform only processes metadata from packet headers and system log information to analyze and visualize data flows. The inclusion of system log information also allows analysis of encrypted traffic, which already accounts for between 50 and 90 percent in many environments. This allows security managers to eliminate otherwise existing blind spots without having to invest in additional hardware for costly decryption and re-encryption between endpoints. In addition, ExeonTrace uses a graph database to store the contextualized data, which requires only a fraction of the storage space compared to traditional log data.

"ExeonTrace's redesigned architecture enables easy implementation and productive NDR operations within hours instead of days or weeks," said Gregor Erismann, CCO of Exeon Analytics. "Since we leverage existing infrastructure such as firewalls, routers or secure web gateways, there is no need to install sensors or agents, which is especially important in today's decentralized networks. In addition, this approach also enables seamless monitoring of traffic in OT networks."

About Exeon Analytics

Exeon Analytics AG is a Swiss cybertech company specializing in the protection of IT and OT infrastructures through AI-driven security analytics. The Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform ExeonTrace offers companies the ability to monitor networks, detect cyber threats immediately and thus effectively protect their own company's IT landscape - quickly, reliably and completely software-based.

The self-learning algorithms for early detection of cyber attacks were developed at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) and are based on more than ten years of academic research. Exeon has received several awards, is internationally active and counts well-known companies such as PostFinance, V-Zug, SWISS International Airlines and the logistics group Planzer among its customers.

Press contact: Gregor Erismann, CCO Exeon Analytics, gregor.erismann@exeon.com, +41 78 797 05 09

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