Network Detection & Response establishes itself as a central cybersecurity pillar

Zurich, January 25, 2022 - "Network Detection & Response" has quickly established itself as the leading method for identifying hackers in networks at an early stage before they cause any damage. This makes "Network Detection & Response" an increasingly central pillar of a modern cybersecurity architecture. The Swiss provider Exeon Analytics AG alone has tripled its customer base over the past year.

Network Detection and Response (NDR) providers use machine learning algorithms to continuously analyze network traffic and respond to irregularities. As soon as anomalies are detected that indicate a hacker attack, the system takes action, suggesting measures and thus minimizing the damage that could result from an exploited security hole. In this way, NDR solutions represent an "alarm system for corporate networks."

The growing interest in NDR solutions stems from the fact that there is no complete protection against cyber attacks. Even the most secure prevention solutions have vulnerabilities that are regularly discovered and exploited. Numerous attacks from the past year have shown that over time and after enough attempts, hackers always find a way into corporate networks - be it via phishing, third-party providers or weakly protected services that can be accessed over the Internet, for example. Early detection of successful attacks is therefore of utmost relevance: once the attacks are uncovered, mitigation is possible before data is stolen, encrypted or possibly even ransomware attacks are launched.

Swiss NDR solution with rapid growth

Swiss NDR provider Exeon Analytics AG is experiencing particularly strong growth. Exeon Analytics was founded in 2016 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich and was named one of the top 3 companies in the high-tech/biotech category at the Swiss Economic Forum in 2021.

With its "ExeonTrace" platform, which can analyze log data without additional hardware, Exeon has been correspondingly successful in its expansion in Europe. Thus, the company was able to triple its customer base in 2021, acquire new international sales partners and, in particular, strengthen its market presence in Germany.

The interest of European customers and partners, the direct comparisons won with global competitors and the high reliability of the Swiss cybersecurity solution are the main drivers for Exeon's European expansion.

NDR technologies have the potential to optimally complement the prevailing prevention solutions in order to offer companies comprehensive cyber protection. Because the attacks of the past months show very clearly that preventive technologies alone are not enough. Attackers will always succeed in circumventing prevention solutions (e.g. through vulnerabilities such as log4shell) and thus break into corporate networks. NDR technologies allow to find and stop exactly such intrusions ", says Exeon CEO and founder Dr. David Gugelmann. "This complementary protection by Network Detection & Response is elementary to secure personal and product data, but also production facilities. ".

Exeon CCO Gregor Erismann adds:* "We are pleased that we were able to acquire numerous new customers last year - especially in Germany. Over the last few months, banks, manufacturing companies, hospitals, energy service providers and logistics companies in particular have opted for ExeonTrace. The positive customer feedback spurs us on to further develop our solution in order to become, step by step, a leading network detection & response solution in Europe. "*.

About Exeon

Exeon Analytics AG is a Swiss cybersecurity company specializing in the protection of IT infrastructures through AI-driven security analytics. The Network Detection & Response (NDR) platform "ExeonTrace" offers companies the ability to monitor networks, detect cyber threats immediately and thus effectively protect their own company's IT landscape - quickly, reliably and completely hardware-free. The self-learning algorithms for detecting anomalies in network activity were developed at ETH Zurich and are based on more than ten years of academic research. They have since proven themselves in the day-to-day business of major international customers and are constantly being expanded and refined.

**Press contact Gregor Erismann CCO Exeon Analytics +41 78 797 05 09

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