Exeon featured as a top network security provider

ExeonTrace, our future-proof Network Detection & Response platform, has been recognised as one of the best network security providers by Cybernews. ExeonTrace is an AI-driven network analysis solution that can detect and eliminate sophisticated cyberthreats before they cause any harm to organisations.  Unlike other network security providers in the Network Detection & Response field, ExeonTrace analysis light-weight log data such as NetFlow/IPFIX, firewall, DNS, proxy and application logs. Consequently, ExeonTrace is able to also analyse encrypted network traffic, which is often used by APTs, ransomware and lateral movements in order to transmit attack instructions from remote command and control (C&C) servers.

This metadata analysis approach, supplemented by system and application logs, enables security teams to detect network vulnerabilities and cyber threats at an early stage without utilising traffic mirroring. As a result, ExeonTrace is completely hardware-free, compatible with multiple network device vendors and optimal for distributed, high-bandwidth networks.

We are honoured to have been recognised as a top network security provider by Cybernews, a renowned and technology-focused publication that offers many resources like software, antivirus and VPN reviews.