My first month at Exeon – Michael Tullius, Sales Director Germany

We usually write a lot about industry news and our cutting-edge Network Detection & Response solution, ExeonTrace. However, just as much can be said about our company's core: the Exeon Team. Since the beginning of the year, our has grown by over 35%, and we are ambitious to expand further in the future. With this mini blog series, our new colleagues will provide personal insights into working at Exeon and how they experienced their first days. In this blog post, we interviewed Michael Tullius, our Sales Director for Germany.

How did you become aware of Exeon?

One of the partner organisations I had worked with recommended looking at Exeon earlier this year, then three days later, a recruiter reached out to me with a sales opportunity – so it was meant to be.

Why did you join Exeon?

There are many reasons why I found Exeon exciting as a company. One main reason is that after 30 years of working with US-based, international companies, I found the idea compelling to work for a European Cyber Security vendor.

I was also aware of the increasing need to secure internal networks, and it impressed me what ExeonTrace is capable of. Compared to other cybersecurity vendors on the market, I believe that Exeon has some unique capabilities and value propositions to become one of the leaders in the market.

Last but not least, I found it motivating and refreshing to join such a young and enthusiastic team that collaborates so well.

How was your recruitment and onboarding experience at Exeon?

The recruitment process at Exeon was surprisingly quick and efficient. From the moment I got in touch with the team to getting the job: it took only three weeks! The onboarding was also quite fast; I came to Zürich for two days to meet the team, pick up my gear and set up my laptop – I am based in Germany and work remotely from my home office in Frankfurt. I think the whole process was smooth and effective, which reflects the company's work culture quite well.

What is the scope of your daily activities?

I deal with a colourful set of tasks each day. As Sales Director, my focus is customer outreach and partner collaboration. Daily, I am in touch with our existing and potential future customers in Germany, which means a lot of phone calls, MS Teams calls, presentations, and webinars that I hold for a diverse set of cybersecurity professionals. Fortunately, I get a lot of support from our new Business Development Representative, Abhi and the rest of our sales team in Germany and Switzerland. I have worked in the network security industry for over 20 years, and I enjoy sharing all the knowledge I accumulated during this time. I also often write articles and blog posts about cybersecurity and our solution in particular.

What do you like most about Exeon? And what surprised you most about the company?

The team, the solution and how we progress each day. I like the atmosphere of our small dynamic team working towards a shared goal, which helps us make real progress daily. The most surprising thing for me was the flexibility Exeon offers employees. The location and working hours are adjusted to the individual's needs, guaranteeing a tremendous Work-Life balance. I think it's also why our team can work well together in a positive environment.

What is something Exeon could still improve?

Of course, we always have to improve our processes, develop our software, and grow our team, but nothing comes to mind that I would change right now.

Where do you see Exeon in 5 years?

This is an easy question. We will be one of the NDR/XDR leaders in the market.