Whitepaper: Less Alerts, More Detection

What if you could dramatically reduce your false alerts, save time and costs?

While SIEM systems have their strengths in log management and historical analysis, Network Detection & Response (NDR) is an important component in terms of the evolving threat landscape and the need for early risk assessment.

For in-depth information on how this works for organizations and specific use cases, download the whitepaper above or speak to one of our security experts.

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NDR vs. SIEM: Better Visibility, Faster Qualification

“How can you simplify your RBA but make it more efficient simultaneously? NDR solutions continuously monitor network traffic, endpoints and other data sources to identify potentially suspicious or malicious activity. They collect and aggregate data from various sources, such as network devices, servers, applications and endpoints. This data includes network logs (NetFlow, IPFIX, firewall logs) as well as other communication logs, events and alerts or connections generated by the system or triggered by internal servers.”

— Klaus Nemelka, IT Security Expert and Author