My first month at Exeon - Noè Canevascini, Recruitment intern and IT support.

We usually write a lot about industry news and our cutting-edge Network Detection & Response solution, ExeonTrace. However, just as much can be told about our company's core: the Exeon Team. In the first few months of 2022, our team grew by over 30%, and we are ambitious to expand even further in the future. With this mini blog series, our talented new colleagues will provide personal insights into working at Exeon and how they experienced their first days. In this first blog post, we interviewed Noè Canevascini, our new Recruitment and IT support intern.

Why did you decide to join Exeon?

I'm currently finishing my Bachelor studies in Computational Science and Engineering at ETH Zürich. To get some work experience before graduation, I wanted to join a tech start-up to help me find my interests in the field of technology. Cybersecurity was one of the first ideas that came to my mind because it is an exciting field that grows rapidly. I came across Exeon on a job platform while searching for a part-time position that can flexibly complement my studies. I liked what I read about Exeon on their website, and since I found their AI-driven technology very cool, I decided to apply.

How was your recruitment and onboarding experience at Exeon?

Smooth, I would say. I was guided by the COO, Carola, who led the whole recruitment process. Since I first applied for another internship position, we checked if I was a good fit for the technical product team - spoiler: I wasn't. The management team still saw potential in me and kept searching for a fitting role. Then during conversations with the team, it turned out that the recruitment team needed some support. Since I wanted to work at Exeon, and talent recruitment is a business aspect that I am interested in, I took the role of corporate development and IT support. After that, everything happened quite fast, I had my contract signed, finished my exams at ETH and started at Exeon at the end of February. My first day was intense! I met my managers in the office, had a chat with the CFO, I was taken out for lunch and then did the technical onboarding. I was a bit nervous about the technical aspects as I knew that I was not only setting up my own systems, but as an IT support intern, I would also support new colleagues in the future with their IT onboarding. I learned a lot about troubleshooting, Windows installation, and the company tools on that day.

What is the scope of your daily activities?

My main focus is to expand our access to new talent and support Exeon's recruitment efforts. In addition, I am the go-to person for my teammates for IT-related issues and offer support for administrative activities. I also help represent the company at various recruitment events and am responsible for building relations with technical universities, student groups, and junior candidates. Since I work closely with every department, I am able to learn a lot about management, marketing and business development.

What do you like most about Exeon? And what surprised you most about the company?

I did not have much work experience before joining Exeon, except for the two years I spent serving in the military. It is clearly a very different environment in a fast-growing and dynamic scale-up. But I think the flat hierarchy and the notion of working together and being committed to achieving a common goal are more prevalent in Exeon than in other companies. It was surprising and pleasing to experience how much ownership and freedom I was given to try out my ideas and experiment with different tools and solutions at work.

What is something Exeon could still improve?

Not much. I am just looking forward to attending more team events and finally meeting my colleagues in person (some of them prefer working remotely, so I have not had the chance to meet everyone yet). As I like coming to the big, open office, I would like to improve the acoustic situation on-site. This is a project I am currently working on.

Where do you see Exeon in 5 years?

As Exeon is growing rapidly and there is a significant market demand to fulfil, I see a bright future for this company. With our ambitious team and exceptional product, I am convinced that we will soon become the leading NDR provider in Europe. Consequently, I am looking forward to personally growing alongside this high-potential enterprise.