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On this page, you will find all marketing and product materials you might require as an Exeon Partner. This includes factsheets, case studies, blog posts, webinar recordings, videos, slide decks, as well as key information about the ExeonTrace platform.

ExeonTrace Pitch Deck

Looking for some additional PPT slides about Exeon? Feel free to download our ExeonTrace Pitch Deck below.


ExeonTrace Briefing

Here you find a summary of everything that makes ExeonTrace the most advanced NDR solution on the market - perfect for distribution!


ExeonTrace Factsheet

Download and share a concise factsheet about the benefits, functionality and advanced capabilities of ExeonTrace.


Planzer Case Study

Exeon secures the distributed network of Planzer across 70 locations globally in order to prevent outages and business downtime. Download our case study in the field of logistics & transportation.


PostFinance Case Study

Exeon fulfilled far-reaching integration requirements and is now a core element of PostFinance's multi-faceted cybersecurity infrastructure. Download the case study in the field of finance & banking.


Solothurner Spitäler Case Study (Healthcare)

Discover how our advanced network security solution can protect businesses and disarm cyber attacks before they can cause any damage by watching this case study in form of a film. Here, Patrick Käppeli, Network & Security Engineer, walks through the daily benefits that NDR provides his security team and the organization’s vast, critical data.

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Project Protection

By filling out the deal registration form below you can apply for project protection. Keep in mind that project protection is only possible with a set presentation date.

The project protection is valid for a maximum of 90 days from the date of approval of the form. In order to maintain the project protection, new activities with the customer must be documented in writing to the partner support or the involved sales reps of Exeon Analytics AG every 30 days at the latest. 

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Why our customers continue to choose us

Rapid Deployment: No sensors or agents needed. Ready in hours.

ExeonTrace's machine learning algorithms use your existing infrastructure, such as firewalls, routers or secure web gateways, as sensors. No need to install proprietary sensors or agents. ExeonTrace can be set up within hours, even remotely. The Ideal solution, especially for geographically decentralized networks.

Total Visibility: Unified view of distributed networks, endpoints & applications

Intuitive visualizations enable you to quickly understand and monitor large and distributed networks. Featuring specialized visualizations for the respective data sources and their use cases, and combining them to a full, unified view across your assets, incl. endpoints and applications.

Vigorous Detection: Powerful AI and proven algorithms.

Our ready-made analyzers automatically detect cyber security risks, taking the burden of creating manual rule sets off your shoulders. Powerful AI complemented by ready-made use cases and policies ensure a high detection rate with minimal false alarms.

Effective Response: Quick assessment, investigation & hunting.

Algorithm-driven incident scoring and prioritization lets your team focus on the right cases. Assisted investigation and threat hunting – with intuitive views across various sources - save crucial time in effectively defending your enterprise.

Clever Data Handling: Minimal storage needs with full data control.

Powerful algorithms process log data to create enriched security intelligence while greatly reducing data volume - up to 50x less than raw log data! For efficient storage and high scalability. As ExeonTrace completely runs within your network or Cloud, you always remain in full control of your sensitive security data.

Future-Proof: Ready for increasing traffic and encryption.

Leveraging directly your existing data and infrastructure, ExeonTrace doesn’t slow your network down through additional traffic and data mirroring. It’s ready for massive traffic. As its monitoring and detection focus on analyzing log files – not packet-payloads - it won’t be affected by the rapidly increasing traffic encryption.



Traditional NDR solutions

Analysis of light-weight log data – no traffic mirroring, no additional hardware
Metadata analysis, unaffected by encryption
Holistic visualisation of IT network

Holistic visualisation of IT network

Powerful Machine Learning algorithms

Powerful Machine Learning algorithms